This is a 5-point optional bonus project. It shouldn't take you too long, but it will may require poking around the "Help" feature of the wikispaces website. Here's a step-by-step of what you need to do.

1. Find and read a biology-related article online. It doesn't have to be from a high-level scientific journal, but it also shouldn't be too elementary either. Something from,,, or should be fine. They all have Science sections.

2. Write two paragraphs after reading your article. The first one should be a brief summary of the main point(s) in the article. Obviously, this should be in your own words although you can mention some facts from the article. Your second paragraph is a "reflection." By this, I mean you should share your own personal thoughts or feelings about the article. How does or could it affect you personally? Do you agree or disagree with the author's point of view if one was given? That sort of thing.

3. Log in to your class period's wiki and create a "New Page" to type in the two paragraphs. The button for making a new page is just below my cartoon. Use your first name or something that we can identify you by. In the first line of your new page, create a link to your article. Feel free to try out some of the formatting possibilities on the Editor toolbar (fonts, sizes, bold, etc), but don't get too outta control with it. * Hints on Linking* - once you are in the "Edit" mode (upper right tab, it's blue not red), and Editor menu appears and you'll use the "Insert Link" button that looks like a chain link. It will be an "External" link, not a wiki-link. Then just copy and past the url of your article.

4. Once you have your new page all set, come back to THIS page and create a link to YOUR new page down below these instructions under where it says LINKS in red. Again, you need to be in Edit mode and then just use the Chain button. This time it will be a wiki-link instead of external.

5. Caution - when we were working in Discussion Comments, you couldn't do much damage. Here you can if you're not careful. Make sure you don't mess with a classmate's links or page. Remember, every time a page is saved, a record is created.


Marissa Davis