How Alcohol Can Increase the Risk of Cancer


There has been lots of evidence that drinking alcohol will increase the risk of cancer of the larynx, pharynx, mouth, esophogas, liver, rectal, colon, and breast. It has also been known that smoking as well as drinking alcohol can increase the risk of upper respiratory tract cancer. How does it increase the risk? Well, when you drink alcohol, in your upper respiratory tract the sensitive tissues are exposed to alcohol which can damage cells, possibly causing cancer. Alcoholic liver cirrosis is a condition caused from years of drinking and can cause liver cancer.There isn't much more information on how other cancers are caused but research does say that alcohol increases the risk.

How can you reduce the risk? If choosing a non-alcohol diet is not an option, then just make sure when you do drink alcohol to do it in moderation. Which means men can drink no more than two drinks a day and women, only one.

A very awful result that can happen in women who drink alcohol and are also pregnant is a condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrom (FAS). This condition only has an effect on the child, although it was the mother's choice to drink, not the child's.
Kids with FAS have it their whole life and can suffer from:
  • weighing less
  • shorter than normal
  • smaller heads
  • deformed facial features
  • abnormal joints and limbs
  • poor coordination
  • problems with learning
  • short memories
  • mental health problems
  • disrupted school experience
  • inappropriate sexual behavior
  • trouble with the law
  • alcohol and drug problems
  • diffuculty caring for themselves and their children
  • homelessness

Although they don't encourage it, research has shown that drinking one glass of alcohol everyday while you're pregnant does not effect the baby. Research has also shown that if the mother does not consume more than 8.5 drinks a week while pregnant, it will not have an effect on the baby. However, in most cases of FAS the mother has been an alcoholic. So, researchers don't suggest drinking alcohol while you're pregnant, but, in moderation, it's fine.

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