I think a cell is similar to a hospital. It consitst of lots of things that remind me of a cell. They both have things that help them operate. They are both also extremely unique in complex and exterior. They both help things, but need other materials to help them survive, such as: the cell wall. The cell wall pretects the outer parts of the cell. The cell wall of a hospital would be the outer bricks that build up the hospital. It protects everything else on the inside. Then, the nuclues i believe would be the admitance office. It controls what can enter and leave.

- The foundation in a hospital holds it in place, just like the cytoskeleton. It also improves shape.

- I think that the doctors in a hospital would be like the ribosomes because they export medicines and stuff to help their patients. The ribosomes export amino acids into the proteins. The doctors export medicines to their patients.

- The lab. The lab checks everything to be sure that things are safe and sound so that someone who is healthy can leave and so that if someone is still sick they get appropiate attention. In a cell, the golgi apparatus is the final preperation of proteins before they are exported from the cell; kind of like a patient being deported from a hospital.

- The generator in a hospital. If the generator doesn't work or breaks down then all of the electric supply will be gone. Most hospitals are run completely by computers. They also need the electricity to work the machines that are used on the patients. A lysosome in a cell, if it breaks down then the cell dies. Also, in a hospital, if the electric supply (generator) breaks down or quits working then the hospital is liable to also break down or "die".

- The storage rooms in the hospitals are alot like the vacuoles in the cell. They store all the neccesary eqipment and medicines that need to be shipped to other rooms to help the patients who need them. Vacuoles in cells help store the water, salt, proteins, and corbohydrates.

- Elevators can take you from one level of the hospital to another level. The mitochondria in a cell converts food energy into ATP by the process of cellular respiration. I think the elevators are like that because the can convert you to other places.

Hey Babi! This is Morgan Kauffman, I reveiwed over your paper and i think your comparison between a hospital and a cell is very appropriate. I had to make a lot of punctual corrections, you might want to recheck your paper for capitalization next time. But overall it was a very good paper! Great Work!!!