THE NUCLEUS: is like a head football coach bc he/she controls the football team like the nucleus
conrols most cell functions.
THE CELL WALL: is like your mom or guardian when your growing up he/she protects or tries to
protect you and also supports you just as a cell wall does to a cell.
THE PLASMA MEMBRANE:is like a body guard who guards the door at things like clubs, vip lounge,etc,
and gets to basically decide who gets in or out the place;
such as a plasma membrane that controls what gets in and out of a cell.
THE CYTOSKELETON:is sort of like your spinal cord bc it helps hold your body up which helps you
maintain your shape. It also helps you move like the cytoskeleton is involved in movement and
helping you maintain your shape.

THE GOLGI APPARATUS:is like a postal office; things are shipped there and checked before being
shipped off and delivered just as a golgi apparatus. Its the final preparation of proteins before they
are exported to the cell
THE VACUOLE: are like closets they are used for storing things you will use or just for things
you will want later or use later.
THE LYSOSOME: are like decomposers they break things down.The same as lysosomes break
down macromolecules with hydrolynic enzymes .
THE CHLOROPLASTS: is like a light switch/ light bulb bc it creates energy and converts it into light
like chloroplasts converts light energy into from the sun into glucose.

RIBOSOMES: are like employees that serve you food at ihop (bacon,eggs,pancakes,etc.)

You are satified with what you have asked for .
THE ER:is like a your house its where you can go to rest and boost your energy. Just like a
er is where you do the same.
MITOCHONDRIA: is like a power switch it is what controls the power as if its on or off
also supplies the power for your house,
like a mitochondria supplies pwer/energy for a cell.

Maddie Morris: Its good! I like all of your comparisons! One thing you could do is do all of your comparisons over one subject (for example: a football team, a mall, or a city.) Great Job.