evieve of Mass extinction's cause: 'Sick Earth'


1.The explanation for the past things that have happen to the earth & past species. it explaines what was the cause & what theories were actually incorrect. it also mentions things about dangerous chemicals and how it affected certain things. it talks & explains such things that werent expected & were new discoveries. such as disappearance of up to 90 percent of species 250 million years ago,pt-h exticntion, and other things. things that are still questioned & can never really be determined unless time travel is invented.

2.i think this article was the best it had things i didnt even know about.

it wasnt boring it was actually interesting, it opened up new ideas
and new explainations.
more importantly it gave me a reason to wonder and doubt things that can not
actually be proven.
end the end it was something i liked reading & hope to find more articles like this 1!